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Resting after a hard day on the slopes.
Took in Tignes, France. 
Bonfire night, last month. 
Best trick contest today at Five Bridges, Newcastle.
DC event at Five Bridges today in Newcastle.

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This also picked up a load of reblogs! 
Shot this at the same time as the previous monkey picture, from Thailand.

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Can’t believe how many notes this is picking up, truly awesome!
Halong Bay was the most magical place we traveled to. It takes your breath away just seeing it, pictures don’t do it justice at all!
We stayed over at a private island with the Backpackers hostel and the waters next to the island have bioluminescent algae in! Which glows like crazy when you splash around in it. One of the few places in the world to have it. 
I found this video which gives you a good idea of how it looks, even better when surfing through it! 
Hanoi was also one of my favourite cities. It really seemed like a ‘cool’ city. Despite the traffic and the lack of road laws it was pretty amazing.
They had amazing restaurants in downtown Hanoi and some really great shops. Plus lots of large lakes to chill out on in the evening. 
This photo was taken at dinner, with the lake being our view. Incredible.
Laos was my favourite place that I visited during my last holiday. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in a kind of jungly way. The locals were also the nicest we’d come across in South-East Asia. 
This photo was taken in Luang Prabang, quite a touristy city in the north of Laos.
My new board will be getting here in a few days and I’m so excited to get in the ocean again!
Surfing in England is very hit and miss but I live close to the beach which makes it great if the swells good. In preperation for this I’ve bought a load of new gear and some fresh new sex wax! Never go for anything else, always the best.
Newcastle, UK.
That would be me
Playing around with my Diana mini, love weird pictures.
Empire State Building, NYC.
Decided to treat myself last week and buy the new iPad Mini. It’s a great substitute for my old Macbook on the road.